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The Rawkly Members of us! : • Riefan N S as Vocalist and Bassist • Riga Feraldy Al Hakim as Right Guitarist • Tyo Hardianto as Rhytm Guitar and Vocal 2 • Faisal Reza Akbar 8bit Controllers, Loop, Geek Tracker • Mulya Addin N P as Drummer Formed a new band which led to the band's name is Speak And Spell taken from an electronic device that can Speak and Spell words with a digital format. Similarly, Speak And Spell is meant is that they want to speak and spell out their new music genre to all people and not based on a fame of music lovers who had intimidated an underrated band into the music.

Kamis, 19 Januari 2012

yo! We're on Hai Magazine!

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