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The Rawkly Members of us! : • Riefan N S as Vocalist and Bassist • Riga Feraldy Al Hakim as Right Guitarist • Tyo Hardianto as Rhytm Guitar and Vocal 2 • Faisal Reza Akbar 8bit Controllers, Loop, Geek Tracker • Mulya Addin N P as Drummer Formed a new band which led to the band's name is Speak And Spell taken from an electronic device that can Speak and Spell words with a digital format. Similarly, Speak And Spell is meant is that they want to speak and spell out their new music genre to all people and not based on a fame of music lovers who had intimidated an underrated band into the music.

Kamis, 19 Januari 2012

Yo! We've been had an Official Video Clip Music!

And then, let's check dizzawt buddy! Hope you're like that NERDS! ^^

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